The company is a subsidiary of the Ultimate Games Capital Group, whose parent company is Ultimate Games S.A.

The Group includes the following subsidiaries and associates:


Name% of shares in capital
3T Games sp. z o.o.37,50%
Games Box S.A.44,98%
Kapi Kapi Games sp. z o.o.49,00%
Ultimate Games Mobile S.A.34,67%
Thunder Games sp. z o.o.59,28%

Related companies

Name% of shares in capital
Ultimate VR S.A.20,75%
UF Games S.A.32,04%
100 Games sp. z o.o.39,04%
ConsoleWay S.A.32,16%
Demolish Games S.A.38,26%
Manager Games S.A.44,58%
Golden Eggs Studio S.A.31,82%
Ultimate Licensing sp. z o.o.40,00%
NPC Games S.A.32,56%
G11 S.A.31,00%
Grande Games S.A.40,00%
Ultimate Games Marketing S.A.37,00%

Last updated at: 26th of August 2022